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Two By Two Souls Fly
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Three Steps to the Universe
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Richard Garfinkle

Welcome to the information and philosophical discussion site of Richard Garfinkle, Chicago-based author and computer programmer.

There's information about my books, projects, interests, and general weirdness. For thoughts and essays, please see my weblog, "Overdue Considerations".

Richard Garfinkle

Wayland's Principia, a hard science fiction novel about human-alien interaction, interstellar travel, and what it means to be human, is now available from Smashwords for all electronic formats. It's also available from Amazon for the Kindle only.


My fantasy / alternate reality novel Exaltations is now available from Smashwords for all electronic reader formats and from Amazon for Kindle only.

Exaltations is a spiritual allegory of the importance of human life and love, the tyranny of quests, and the war for what the world is.


Unknowable Death, a mystery about the nature of reality and of madness, introspection and the trauma of a young child, is available for Kindle readers.


Two By Two Souls Fly, a pastoral fantasy romance about love, family, and acceptance, is available on Amazon for the Kindle.


My blog is available directly on this site, replacing my old LiveJournal blog.



Richard Garfinkle and Achronal Press have released IgorAnimation for the iPad, a 3D computer animation and computer graphics, image creation, and photo editing program. Click here for IgorAnimation for the iPad on the Apple app site, or get more information and support at

Richard's ice spire Well Met, a manipulated photo


Read a humorous pulp-pastiche short short story at the website of the Chicago in 2012 WorldCon Bid. The bid has asked Chicago-area writers and artists for Chicago-themed pulp knockoffs, giving them a cast of character names and a request for a short short story, and seeing what they come up with.


Serious publishing news: We have started our own imprint, Achronal Press, to publish some of Richard's more experimental stories. Two books are available:Wayland's Principia, a hard science fiction novel of space travel and alien thought, currently available as a Kindle eBook here, and Exaltations, an allegorical fantasy novel about love and the power of stories, currently available as a Kindle eBook here.


Richard and his brother, gravitational physicist David Garfinkle, have written a physics book (see at left), Three Steps to the Universe: From the Sun to Black Holes to the Mystery of Dark Matter, published by the University of Chicago Press.

Three Steps to the Universe is an introduction to how scientist think by way of some interesting physics mysteries. It gives a good clear explanation of our current understanding of the sun, black holes, and dark matter, and how and why scientists work the way they do. The book also shows how to read science reporting and how to separate science from pseudoscience.

Three Steps to the Universe: From the Sun to Black Holes to the Mystery of Dark Matter is available from the University of Chicago Press.


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Celestial Matters Under Discussion


Celestial Matters "Weird, disconcerting, fascinating, and original." -- "Kirkus Reviews" on Celestial Matters

Richard Garfinkle grew up in New York and now lives in Chicago with his wife and children. His first novel, Celestial Matters, won the Compton Crook award for best first science fiction novel of 1996. Nominated for a Nebula Award and twice for the John W. Campbell Award, Garfinkle has written numerous fiction and nonfiction works on his interests of history, imagination, thought and the preternatural.

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